Economy of scale ทำโรงแรมที่มีห้องจำนวนน้อยจะทำได้หรือไม่???

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Economy of scale ทำโรงแรมที่มีห้องจำนวนน้อยจะทำได้หรือไม่???

Economy of scale ใครรู้จักคำคำนี้บ้าง ยกมือขึ้นวลีนี้ใช้อธิบายเรื่องขนาดของธุรกิจที่มีความคุ้มค่าในการลงทุน และมักถูกใช้เป็นคำอธิบายจำนวนห้องของโรงแรมที่เราสามารถลงทุนแล้วมีความคุ้มค่าด้วย แต่คำถามคือถ้าคุณไม่มีเงินลงทุนทำโรงแรมที่มีปริมาณห้องมากมายขนาดนั้นแล้วคุณจะยังมีโอกาสในการทำธุรกิจประเภทนี้อยู่หรือไม่? ลองอ่านเรื่องโรงแรมที่มีจำนวนห้องน้อยเหล่านี้ดู แล้วคุณจะพบว่าธุรกิจสร้างสรรค์ประเภทนี้ยังมีที่ว่างเหลือเสมอสำหรับคนที่มีเงินน้อยแต่มีความคิดเยอะ!!!!

Hotel Central and Cafe in Copenhagen, Denmark

The hotel is only big enough for a party of two as the room has just one double bed, plus a small bathroom that has a shower. Since it is a small space, the hotel says that families should not rent it out because there is not enough floor room for other beds. Visitors get access to a stocked mini fridge in the room, TV, Wi-Fi and two bicycles to use around the city. The Central Hotel and Cafe is located in the Vesterbro neighborhood of Denmark, which has recently transformed into a hip area with new bars and restaurants.  The entire building is one of the smallest in the city and the hotel costs £350 ($330/280 euros) per night

Eh' Hausl Hotel in Amberg, Germany

Eh' Hausl Hotel in Amberg, Germany, is the definition of quaint - it measures just 173 square feet, enough room for two guests. The name means 'marriage house', a term that dates back to the 17th century and the clever circumnavigation of local bylaws. The town had a law that men could only marry if they owned land, so a businessman bought the alley between two buildings in 1728 and converted it into a house. Men would buy this house briefly to get married and then sell it off to the next bachelor so they too could marry their bride.  Eh' Hausl House is now the smallest hotel in the world, according to Guinness World Records.  Visitors enjoy access to a dining area, seating area, bedroom and bathroom. The price to stay in this tiny getaway is about £220 ($282/240 euros) per night.

Grand Hotel De Kromme Raake in Eenrum, The Netherlands

The Grand Hotel De Kromme Raake in Eernum, The Netherlands, was converted from a grocery store into a hotel back in 1989.  At the time the hotel won two Guinness World Records. The first record it won was the smallest hotel in the world, which it has since lost. Another world record it won right at the opening was for wine being poured from the biggest bottle of Beaujolais. This small abode holds a king-sized bed, bathroom and a small sitting area. Owners hired two artists to help them decorate the hotel in an art-deco theme. Rates for a night at the hotel start at £65 ($85/72 euros).

Hotel Punta Grande in El Hierro, Spain

Hotel Punta Grande in El Hierro, Spain, sits on a rocky outcrop created from volcanic eruptions in the Canary Islands.  It used to be a customs office, now it's one of the world's most novel places to stay. The inside of the hotel is decorated with wood and materials from shipwrecks, which is environmentally friendly, but perhaps a tad creepy. The four-bedroom hotel is 600 square feet with a dining room and sitting area for guests. One room even has a balcony that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. Though the hotel lacks cable TV and is far away from the only town on the island, the location is great for people that are looking to get away - and fish.

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